Senin, 07 November 2016

what did I do last week?

                 Hello everyone, I want to tell about my holiday. Before im tell about my holiday, I want to know how are you??, hopefully fine.

                 I and my family visit to Delanggu Klaten, I go to Delanggu in my first time, I and my family go to Delanggu by train, we go at 5.00 am, we go to station with car, arrive stasiun we go to in train, we search seat. after we waiting locomotif train to connect to the carriage, we go to station Delanggu from Station Kiara Condong. from Bandung to Delanggu need time more than 12 hours.

                On the way I looking scenery so beautiful, some many birds flying in the sky, I slept in the train, I looking station we pass, in the station do know what name, we waiting long enaugh, and we continue the trip, After passing through several stations finally we got to the station Delanggu.

                Home my uncle close to the station, we we went straight home uncle, and given food by uncle, we arrived at 5 pm, and we break, the next day I with my brother playing around the home page, then we go to cemerety my grand father, then I go to home my aunt and I and my brother eat and playing again do not feel, I and my brother go to home my uncle,

               The next day, I and my brother going to buy a kite and we play. and I and my brother go to home my sister, then at the afternoon I and my brother go to swimming and after swim we eat on the restaurant and there is a place for fishsing and after we're full we finally return.

                The next day, we buy bus ticket I actually wanted longer there but my Father the next day my father worked, and we go to terminal bus, and we go to Bandung with bus.


Senin, 31 Oktober 2016


James Paul McCartney

         Sir James Paul McCartneyMBE (born 18 June 1942) is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. With John LennonGeorge Harrison, and Ringo Starr, he gained worldwide fame with the rock band the Beatles, the most popular and influential group in the history of pop music. His Sowirting Patner Ship with Lennon is the most celebrated of the 20th century. After The Break Up he pursued a solo career and formed the band Wings with his first wife,Linda, and Deni Laine.
         McCartney has been recognised as one of the most successful composers and performers of all time. More than 2,200 artists have covered his Beatles song "Yesterday", more than any other copyrighted song in history. Wings' 1977 release "Mull of Kintray" is one of the all-time best-selling singles in the UK. A two wind  into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (as a member of the Beatles in 1988, and as a solo artist in 1999), and a 21-time Grammy Award winner, McCartney has written, or co-written, 32 songs that have reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and as of 2009 he has 25.5 million RIAA-certified units in the United States. McCartney, Lennon, Harrison and Starr all received The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 1965, and in 1997, McCartney was knighted for services to music.
         McCartney has released an extensive catalogue of songs as a solo artist and has composed classical and electronic music. He has taken part in projects to promote international charities related to such subjects as animal rightsseal huntingland minesvegetarianism, poverty, and music education. He has married three times and is the father of five children.
         James Paul McCartney was born on 18 June 1942 in Walton Hospital, Liverpool, England, where his mother, Mary Patricia (née Mohin; 1909–1956), had qualified to practise as a nurse. His father, James ("Jim") McCartney (1902–1976), was absent from his son's birth due to his work as a volunteer firefighter during World War II. Paul has one younger brother, Michael (born 7 January 1944). Though the children were baptised in their mother's Catholic faith, their father was a former Protestant turned agnostic, and religion was not emphasised in the household.
          McCartney attended Stockton Wood Road Primary School in Speke from 1947 until 1949, when he transferred to Joseph Williams Junior School in Belle Vale because of overcrowding at Stockton. In 1953, with only three others out of ninety examinees, he passed the 11-Plus exam, meaning he could attend the Liverpool Institute, a grammar school rather than a secondary modern school. In 1954, he met schoolmate George Harrison on the bus from his suburban home in Speke. The two quickly became friends; McCartney later admitted: "I tended to talk down to him because he was a year younger."
         McCartney's mother Mary was a midwife and the family's primary wage earner; her earnings enabled them to move into 20 Forthlin Road in Allerton, where they lived until 1964.[11] She rode a bicycle to her patients; McCartney described an early memory of her leaving at "about three in the morning [the] streets ... thick with snow".On 31 October 1956, when McCartney was fourteen, his mother died of an embolism. McCartney's loss later became a point of connection with John Lennon, whose mother, Julia, had died when he was seventeen.
          McCartney's father was a trumpet player and pianist, who had led Jim Mac's Jazz Band in the 1920s. He kept an upright piano in the front room, encouraged his sons to be musical and advised Paul to take piano lessons, but Paul preferred to learn by ear. He gave Paul a nickel-plated trumpet for his fourteenth birthday, but when rock and roll became popular on Radio Luxembourg, McCartney traded it for a £15 Framus Zenith (model 17) acoustic guitar, since he wanted to be able to sing while playing. He found it difficult to play guitar right-handed, but after noticing a poster advertising a Slim Whitman concert and realising that Whitman played left-handed, he reversed the order of the strings. McCartney wrote his first song, "I Lost My Little Girl", on the Zenith, and composed another early tune that would become "When I'm Sixty-Four" on the piano. American rhythm and blues influenced him, and Little Richard was his schoolboy idol; "Long Tall Sally" was the first song McCartney performed in public, at a Butlins holiday camp talent competition.
         Informally represented by Allan Williams, the Beatles' first booking was for a residency in Hamburg, starting in 1960. In 1961, Sutcliffe left the band and McCartney reluctantly became their bass player. They recorded professionally for the first time while in Hamburg, credited as the Beat Brothers, as the backing band for English singer Tony Sheridan on the single "My Bonnie". This brought them to the attention of Brian Epstein, a key figure in their subsequent development and success. He became their manager in January 1962. Ringo Starr replaced Best in August, and the band had their first hit, "Love Me Do", in October, becoming popular in the UK in 1963, and in the US a year later. Their fans' hysteria became known as "Beatlemania", and the press sometimes referred to McCartney as the "cute Beatle".
In August 1965, the Beatles released the McCartney composition "Yesterday", featuring a string quartet. Included on the Help! LP, the song was the group's first recorded use of classical music elements and their first recording that involved only a single band member. "Yesterday" became the most covered song in popular music history. Later that year, during recording sessions for the album Rubber Soul, McCartney began to supplant Lennon as the dominant musical force in the band. Musicologist Ian MacDonald wrote, "from [1965] ... [McCartney] would be in the ascendant not only as a songwriter, but also as instrumentalist, arranger, producer, and de facto musical director of the Beatles." Critics described Rubber Soul as a significant advance in the refinement and profundity of the band's music and lyrics. Considered a high point in the Beatles catalogue, both Lennon and McCartney said they had written the music for the song "In My Life". McCartney said of the album, "we'd had our cute period, and now it was time to expand." Recording engineer Norman Smith stated that the Rubber Soul sessions exposed indications of increasing contention within the band: "the clash between John and Paul was becoming obvious ... [and] as far as Paul was concerned, George [Harrison] could do no right—Paul was absolutely finicky."
In 1966, the Beatles released the album Revolver. Featuring sophisticated lyrics, studio experimentation, and an expanded repertoire of musical genres ranging from innovative string arrangements to psychedelic rock, the album marked an artistic leap for the Beatles.The first of three consecutive McCartney A-sides, the single "Paperback Writer" preceded the LP's release. The Beatles produced a short promotional film for the song, and another for its B-side, "Rain". The films, described by Harrison as "the forerunner of videos", aired on The Ed Sullivan Show and Top of the Pops in June 1966. Revolver also included McCartney's "Eleanor Rigby", which featured a string octet. According to Gould, the song is "a neoclassical tour de force ... a true hybrid, conforming to no recognizable style or genre of song". Except for some backing vocals, the song included only McCartney's lead vocal and the strings arranged by producer George Martin.

Senin, 03 Oktober 2016



Festival Budaya Megantara 
For all people who want to come, we announce festival budaya megantara, it will be held on:

Date : Saturday, 10 September 2016

Place : Lapangan Bali 

Open Gate : 10.00 am

Close Gate : 15.30 pm

Price Ticket : 35 K

They must purchase advance tickets on front gate.
this event filled by :

- The Cangcuters and RAN

For further information, visit the committee.

Senin, 26 September 2016

My Unforgettable Memory

My Unforgettable Memory : Holiday With My Family

           When I class 7 Grade I with my family go to holiday in Pangandaran for to the first time with family go to sea. Im So happy when seeing sea, beacause im never see a sea. im and family go to in Pangandaran when im birth day is month January. I was there around 4 days. Im sleep in hotel with immy family.  im forgot name is hotel 

           Im with family go to Pangandaran with car. We go at around 02.00 am. Im in a journey i feel sleep. we arrive in Parangan at around 07.00 pm. after arrive im and my family at a break. at o'clock 10 im go to swim in sea. after that, im go to hotel to take a bath. after i go to lunch. im go to sleep, because tired. Hasil gambar untuk pangandaran

          Tomorrow, im go to Pasir Putih. Pasir putih is a place that rekomended to go. go to jorney there many monkeys. im and my family take a pictures. after take a picture im arrive that. im see scenery that is very beautiful, A water is very clean. not even a single trash. there is surfer. 

          This Evening. Im and my Family go to dinner in a restoran there. After dinner im and my family go to hotel for to rest. Tomorow that im and family go to Batu Karas Beach. in a jorney my father meet his friend. we provide food a roasted fish. after im go to fishing, after that im and family go to Batu Karas. Hasil gambar untuk batu karas

          After a arrive. im go to resh. tomorrow im go to beach for swimming with my brother , After swim im and family go to hotel. this afternoon im alone in beach make a art in coastal. after that there was my father, im and brother go to walking not no where invited my father. in a journey im found small crab. do not feel im arrive in a place. there a build bad former tsunami. after im and myfather and brother walking to hotel. after there in hotel im sleep because im tired. this evening im and family go to restorant for dinner. after dinner im and family go to Bandung.

         im and my family go to Bandung bring a souvenir. after im go to sleep.

maybe just this is my unforgettable memory.....

Selasa, 20 September 2016


The Place I Want to Visit
Mountain Semeru
          Mount Semeru Or Mount Meru is a stratovolcano in East Java, Indonesia. Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in Java, with Mahameru peak, 3,676 meters above sea level (masl). Mount Semeru is also the third highest volcano in indonesia after mount Kerinci in Sumatra and Mount Rinjani in Lombok. The crater at the summit of Mount Semeru known Jonggring Saloko. Mount Semeru is administratively included in the two districts, namely Malang and Lumajang, East Java Province

          The mountain isincluded within the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Semeru has a forest area Dipterokarp Hill, Dipterokarp forest Upper montane forest, and forest Ericaceous or mountain
forests.Hasil gambar untuk gunung semeru

          Semeru geographical position located between 8 06 'latitude and 112 55' east longitude. In 1913 and 1946 Crater Jonggring Saloka has a dome with a height of 3744,8 m by he end of November 1974. In the south, the dome is to break the crater rim causing lava flow leads to the southern side covers an area Pronojiwo and Candipuro in Lumajang.

         I have a dream to go mountain Semeru since my age 12th, Im go to mountain semeru with my family
I hope my dream come true. this place there is a beautiful scenery, many wonderful flora and fauna. So I want go to Mountain Semeru. Im follow ekstrakulikuler in my school that is Jamadagni. Jamadagni is organization in my school who like to explore nature. Jamadagni not true nature lovers but explore nature. So im follow this organization to visit a mountain there is Indonesian.
maybe just for the place I want to visit.

 How geographic of the moutain semeru?
A. Semeru geographical position located between 8 06 'latitude and 112 55' east longitude
B. Mount Semeru is stratovolcano in East Java
C. Mount Semeru is highest mountain in Java
D. Mount Semeru with Mahameru peak
E. Mount Semeru 3.676 meters above sea level (masl)
 Answer : A

         Question 2
Where is a mountain Semeru?
A. Sumatra Island
B. Kalimantan Island
C. Papua Island
D. East Java
E. Bali Island
Answer : D

         Question 3
Mountain Semeru are in position on
A. Number One
B. Number Two
C. Number Three
D. Number Four
E. Number Five
 Answer : C

          Question 4
 When  Crater Jonggring Saloka has a dome with a height 3744,8m ?
A. 1913 and 1944
B. 1914 and 1945
C. 1915 and 1946
D. 1916 and 1947
E. 1913 and 1946
Answer : E

        Question 5
Since when I a dreaming to go a mountain Semeru?
A. Age 11 th
B. Age 12 th
C. Age 13 th
D. Age 14 th
E. Age 15 th
 Answer : B

Senin, 19 September 2016



Acvities Satra and arts festival presented by SMAN 3 Bandung. this show megantara present students
3 Bandung, Cangcuters, and RAN.Megantara event starts from morning till night, starting from the morning of the students who are not committee running - from the field bali road to Balai Kota and back again to the field Bali, in a day show Megantara open tiket eksternal and comer start to show Megantara out let time to pm 3:30 and start show students fashion show after that, come Ridwan Kamil to open show Megantara, time to pm 06:00
break because frayer after that, show Megantara start by Cangcuter until time pm 08:00. RAN perfome till the end.